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Gait Analysis & Custom Orthotics

Your physiotherapist is experienced in gait analysis and will often incorporate a visual gait scan as part of your assessment of lower back and lower extremity conditions. If warranted, your physiotherapist may decide to have a more in-depth dynamic scan of your walking stride with our Footmaxx Metascan which uses thousands of pressure sensors to record the movement of your feet during a normal walking stride. This biomechanical assessment may be used to provide additional insight into the manual therapy and exercises which will provide the best treatment results.

If your condition requires, it may be appropriate to have custom orthotics made to help support your feet to change the mechanical stresses on your lower extremities. Orthotics are created based on a 3D mould of your feet, your biomechanical analysis and physical assessment from your physiotherapist. If you are interested in an assessment to determine if orthotics are right for you, please contact the clinic.


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